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The Benefits of Organic Skincare for Kids

As parents, we always want the best for our children. To keep them out of harm’s way and give them the best chance in life. That’s essentially how Dirty Kids Organics came to be and we guarantee our products will always be naturally made and 100% safe for children.

So what's the difference?

natural organic kids children skincare product

Natural skincare products are designed to provide the same outcome, just without the harsh chemicals and additives that can be damaging to sensitive skin. We firmly believe that organic products are better for our children and for yours in keeping your children happy and healthy.

So, if you are in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle for your children, then starting by changing to organic skincare is a great place to begin. Whether you are an expectant, new or seasoned parent changing to an organic skincare practice will be far better for your children, and their overall health due to the naturally sourced products.

The 4 benefits of children's organic skincare products

1. Less likely to experience allergic reactions.Most of us have been unfortunate enough to have suffered from some form of reaction because of a skincare product. The beauty of using organic or natural products is that they are far less likely to cause an allergic reaction or damage to your child’s skin.

2. Free of chemicals and potential dangersOne of the substantial benefits of using organic skincare on your kids is that is far more nurturing. Organic skincare products are made of bioactive extracts and natural essential oils – which often have a calming, therapeutic effect.

3. Peace of mindChildren’s skin is softer, thinner and more delicate than that of adults. It loses moisture more rapidly and is much more sensitive. With that in mind, you need to know that what you are applying to your baby’s skin is safe for them. Organic products use natural ingredients like chamomile and honey which work to protect your baby’s skin, and organic oils like macadamia seed oil will help keep your kid's skin nourished.

4. Supports a healthier environment Organic products for children and baby skin care are derived from renewable sources. Even if you do not have a completely natural lifestyle, you are contributing to supporting environmentally friendly processes. As a parent, you will be looking after your children’s skin and health and supporting an evergreen company.


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