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Organics for Children - Why Natural is a Better Choice

As all parents are aware, kids are like sponges. And just as their little minds absorb all that is said or happening in their environment, their skin also acts as a sponge. With your child’s skin being thinner and absorbing more than an adults, you don’t need a medical degree to understand that they are at a much higher risk of exposure.

According to The National Academy of Sciences, studies demonstrated that children are particularly susceptible to environmental exposure the harmful effects of chemicals because of 3 main factors:

  1. Children are less able to discern dangerous products and materials

  2. Their bodies have not yet developed effective systems to remove toxins

  3. Developing organs are more vulnerable to permanent damage

Surprisingly, the FDA has very limited power to enforce safety standards in children’s cosmetic products. A recent study found that up to 75% of the ingredients used in children’s products had never been appropriately tested. We were very surprised to learn how little protection was afforded to our children in these products, but this only strengthened our resolve to make Dirty Kids Organics the safe and effective alternative.

The lack of transparency within the US cosmetics industry doesn’t end there. Beauty products (the industry which includes deodorants, soaps and even toothpastes) are not required to label their ingredients, and it’s a similar situation north of the border in Canada.

Neither the US or Canada requires pre-market testing for human safety of compounds used in cosmetic products. This includes hygiene products for children.

With no regulatory requirements in place, the majority of products aren’t tested to be safe, with a recent study by the David Suzuki Foundation finding 80% of cosmetic products contained at least one industrial chemical known or suspected to be carcinogenic, a reproductive toxin, or an endocrine disruptor.

With the current lack of oversight, Dirty Kids Organics has stepped up to become a leader in effective, natural products for your family. Our business prides itself on our sustainable, USDA certified organic skincare products that prioritise your children’s health and wellbeing.

All our children’s hygiene products contain 100% natural ingredients and are guaranteed toxin-free. You can shop with a clear conscience, knowing that everything we make is safe for your family.

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