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The Organic Start

Dirty Kids Organics was born out of the nurturing parental instinct to give your children the best chance at leading a healthy, normal life. We realised early on that genuine, organic hygiene products for children were few and far between, so we started producing our own products.


Dave and Beth are the co-founders behind Dirty Kids Organics, a company that produces certified organic kids’ hygiene products, focusing on the "tween" age group. Dave and Beth have focused on safe, natural, certified organic, and non-GMO products that actually work. The reasoning behind this is simple: these are the hygiene products they need for their own daughters, and there were no viable solutions to be found America wide.

Once we started selling, we realised families loved our products as much as we loved creating them. With such a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, we are growing every week. You too can find out why our organic products are so popular. . .


All Dirty Kids Organics products are handmade in the USA with safe, natural ingredients


Dirty Kids Organics Natural Hygiene Products Family
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