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✅ TEAR FREE GENTLE PROTECTION FOR CHILDRENS SCALP - Our miracle treatment acts as a repellent preventing lice and their eggs. Super clarifying, it makes your child flake-free from head to shoulders.

✅ (LICE DETERRENT & ANTI DANDRUFF FORMULA) WORKS GREAT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - Finally a product that suits all hair types, curly or straight. Balancing moisture levels on your kid’s locks & preventing frizzy hair, for that tangle-free bounce and super shine!

✅ MAXIMUM PROTECTION (SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER) FOR DAILY USE - Shower time should have no more tears! Get maximum results with both shampoo and conditioner! This set is made perfectly for even the most sensitive types. It supports healthy growth and strengthening for that overall clean feel.

✅ SAFE FOR KIDS / MADE IN THE USA - No artificial colors or scents. Non-toxic formula is pH balanced for even the most sensitive skin and scalps. Made with safe, mild ingredients, in the USA.

✅ Made with PURE ESSENTIAL OILS YOU & YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE! Doesn’t matter if you have a toddler or an adolescent, boys and girls alike will be happy about the fresh scent of tea tree, lavender and peppermint in every bath.

Tear-free Kids Shampoo and Conditioner Set with Tea Tree Oil | Natural Baby Bath

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