Monthly subscription for the kids & teenagers in your home. Everything they need to stay fresh and clean all month long!

Safe, natural and organic body care items include:

Certified Organic Deodorant (Pure Unscented, Unisex) (Forest, Boys) (Lavender, Girls)

85% Organic Hand & Body Soap Bar (Pure Unscented) (Forest, Boys) (Lavender, Girls)

Natural Acne face and body wash, tear free (Tea Tree)


Choose from our unscented box which is gender nuetral, Lavender which is our top seller for Girls, or Forest which is our Boys top seller.


Your subscription will start right away, your first box will ship immediately. Each month following, for the duration of your subscription, an identical box will arrive at your door. Cancel anytime by messaging us BEFORE shipment. If you do not like the scent you originally choose, simply message us, and we can change that at any time. 


6 Month Monthly HygieneSubscription Box For Kids & Teens

$299.99 Regular Price
$249.99Sale Price