Fast shipping! Each super CUTE gift set comes with a minimum of four full sized products(often times more if space allows) in a variety of fizzy bubble bath bombs and hand and body wash soaps. All items are random, and pictures are just a small example of the possibilities, assorted kid and teen friendly themes such as candy, mermaids, unicorns, cupcakes etc. Gift boxes are random and come in a rainbow of kid friendly colors. Each is filled inside with pink crinkle packaging and is decorated with a feather bow on the outside. All items are individually wrapped and made with kid friendly ingredients. Everything is scented in child favorites like bubble gum, birthday cake, cotton candy, sweet treat, lemonade, gummy bears etc. All fun colorful colors are colored with skin safe and batch certified & will NOT stain your tub! Lots of sparkle and eco-friendly glitter decorate the bathbomb sets. All soaps are skin safe and great for hand & body. All bath bombs create both fizzing fizz and bubbly bubbles

Bath Bombs For Girls Kids -Surprise Unicorn, Mermaid Rainbow Bubble Bath Bomb Gi